Chewelry Bracelets

Chewelry Bracelets are life savers when it comes to saving the wrists on your kids clothing.  Not only are chewelry bracelets great for saving clothes, but they can help to keep your kids from putting even more germs and unsanitary things in their mouths.  Think about it.  Your kids probably use their sleeves to turn on and off faucets or open bathroom doors.  Then they chew on them afterwards and put these dirty sleeves in their mouths when they need to teethe on something.  Not only does this sound extremely unhealthy and gross, but it can damage their clothing costing you a ton of money.  That’s why soo many parents who have kids that teethe or chew love to buy chewelry bracelets for kids.  You can find a ton of styles, colors and even fabrics.

Organic Fabric Chewable Wristband Set of 2

Price: 5.95This is one of the most popular types of chewelry bracelets for kids.  You get 2 organic fabric wristbands that your kids will enjoy chewing on and you’ll feel comfortable knowing that the things in their mouths are made from organic fabrics.  These are some of the best selling chewelry bracelets and wristbands for boys and girls and you’ll quickly fall in love with them just as much as your kids come to rely on them for chewing and teething.

Chewlery Bracelet

Price: 6.95These are the most popular chewelry bracelets for kids.  if you are looking for chewelry bracelets for boys or for girls, these are perfect.  They come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.  That means they can match any outfit and also be perfect chewelry bracelets for boys and girls.

Chewelry Necklace & Bracelet Set

Price: 15.49If you want to get them matching sets so they can have multiple options and not have to keep their wrists to their mouths, a bracelet and necklace set for just a bit more is the perfect option to choose from.  Now they can choose which piece of kids teething jewelry they can chew on.  If they are in a clasroom, they can use the necklace and have both hands free and if they are somewhere else like the movies they can use the bracelet.

Mega Chewelry Bracelet

Price: 7.95If you want to get them something a bit more unique, you can go for the mega chewelry bracelet for boys and girls.  These are awesome for kids and they always love having them as an option instead of the normal bands and bangles.

Squigglets Sensory Bracelets

Price: 4.49These are not for chewing, but more for a sensory disorder to help your child.  Plus they are super fun and fashionable for kids.  They’ll love wearing these and if they don’t like their chewely bracelets, they can hide them in between the squigglets bands.

Teething Bling Bangle Bracelet Turquoise

Price: 11.95These bangles are more for adults and teens who don’t want a band that looks like it is for kids.  Much like the smart mom pendants, they are more sophisticated and can be worn at school, to work or even out to dinner.  These teething bling bangles are perfect for teens and adults.  Click the links for more colors and options.

Communication Bracelets

Price: 4.95