Chewelry Necklaces

Chewelry necklaces are lifesavers for people who need to focus in school or need to have their hands free. By wearing chewelry necklaces you can satisy your cravings to chew or teethe on something while being able to stay focused on things in front of you like a teacher in a classroom if you’re in college, a tv screen with your friends or even while watching actors at the theatre or paying attention in a business meeting. Because chewelry necklaces enable you to have full mobility and help with your needs to chew or teethe, they are some of the most popular things that people who have Autism, ADHD, Sensory Disorders or teething problems buy.  If you are looking for more adult styles or chewelry necklaces for men and women, check out these fantastis designs from smart mom pendants.

Chewlery Necklace

Price: 7.95Great for kids who need something to chew on, these chewelry necklaces are fun and fashionable for kids.  They’ll love the colors and you’ll love that they have something designed specifically for them to chew on.  These chewelry necklaces are a life saver when it comes to your kids having something designed for chewing that they can wear to class, on the weekends when going out with friends or anywhere else that they need to having something to teethe on.

Mega Chewelry Necklace

Price: 16.95The mega chewelry necklace is super mega fabulous for kids.  Not only will they love the way it looks, but having something to soothe their need to chew and teethe is awesome.  Instead of ruining their clothes, pencils and things that aren’t safe for kids, this is an awesome alternative designed specifically for them and their own special needs.  The Mega Chewelry Necklaces are something that you will never know how your kids lived without them once you’ve bought them.

Chewelry Necklace & Bracelet Set

Price: 15.49If you want to get your kids something that they will be able to use without getting bored, or if your little fashionista wants things that match, you may want to buy the chewelry necklace and bracelet set.  Blue, Green and Red are perfect colors for boys and almost any color is perfect for your little girl.  They’ll love having matching chewelry necklace and bracelet sets and you’ll love being able to save money when you don’t have to replace broken pencils and pens or even sleeves clothes that they used to chew on.  Matching chewelry necklace and bracelet sets are great gifts for kids with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Disorders or who just need to constantly have something in their mouths or that need to chew.

Weighted Neck Wrap 3 lbs

Price: 29.95

Weighted Neck Wrap Cover

Price: 9.49

Smart Mom Necklace Pendant Turquoise

Price: 18.95

Chewable Jewels Rectangle Necklace

Price: 15.95Extremely popular for kids, these chewable jewels are some of the most popular teething pendants for kids.  Not only do they come in fun colors like green, pink and blue, but you can buy them for both boys and girls who will love wearing them.  These teething jewel pendants are perfect for boys and girls and something that they will love wearing and will also help to get them through the day.  Just make sure they are age and developmentally appropriate.

Chewable Jewels Hexagon Necklace

Price: 14.95These chewable hexagon jewels are also a favorite.  They come in pink, blue, orange and light purple making them ideal for both boys and girls.  If you need teething gems or chewing jewels that your kids will love to wear, these are always an excellent option.  Just make sure they are age and developmentally appropriate.